Electric Fences

The electric fence is part of the first line of protection to your premises. We offer high-quality electric fencing at affordable prices. We install security fencing for:

  1. Domestic: Residential Homes
  2. Estates: Townhouses and Clusters.
  3. Commercial: Commerce, Industrial, Mines, etc.
  4. Country: Plots, Farms, Game Reserves, etc.

Available Downloads:

Nemtek Druid 13LCD
Nemtek Druid 15LCD
Nemtek Druid 18LCD
Nemtek Druid 25LCD
Nemtek Druid 28LCD
Merlin Stealth M28S-X
Merlin Stealth M25S
Merlin Stealth M18S
Merlin Stealth M15S
Merlin 4i with keypad
We're proud suppliers of the following brands:
Centurion ET Nemtek Stafix